Tyres & Tyre Fitting

Tyres & Tyre Fitting

George Fegan Tyres & Auto Repairs offers tyre fitting services for all makes and models of cars in Northern Ireland. We stock a wide range of tyres you can choose from. You can book a fitting appointment today.

What are the signs your car needs new tyres?

  • The treads are worn down – Our mechanics advise having your tyres checked if it dips below 3mm. This depth may cause longer braking distances. It’s better to have tyres replaced sooner rather than later for safety reasons.
  • The tyre has visible sidewall damage – If the sidewall has visible damage (like a bulge or cut), have them checked by our mechanics. Although small, sidewall damage increases the chances of tyre failure, which can lead to accidents. To ensure safety, book an appointment to fix sidewall damage.
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