Puncture Repairs

Puncture Repairs

There’s nothing more annoying than getting a puncture, especially when you rely on your car every day or you’re about to go on a long journey. Punctures can happen suddenly or over a period of time and a tyre that’s loosing pressure can be doing so for a number of reasons.

Common reasons for a flat tyre
  • A nail, thorn or foreign object has punctured it
  • There is a build up of corrosion on the wheel which is causing a rim leak
  • There is a fault with the valve

If the puncture is in the middle of the tread of the tyre then it can usually be repaired. The British Safety Guidelines we adhere to BSAU159 recommend that punctures within the central ¾ of the tread can be considered safe to repair.

If the location of the puncture is near the edge or on the sidewall of the tyre then unfortunately we aren’t able to repair this and you will need a replacement tyre.

Punctures larger than 6mm in diameter are not able to be repaired

We always check the general condition of the tyre prior to carrying out a puncture repair.

If the tyre has bulges, cuts, has cords exposed or is close to the legal limit of 1.6mm of tread and so near the end of its life we wouldn’t repair the puncture. Whilst some tyres with low tread could be repaired, it wouldn’t usually be cost effective to do so and we would recommend the tyre to be replaced.

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