Locking Wheel Nut Removal

Locking Wheel Nut Removal

Locking wheel nuts / lug nuts are a cost effective way of protecting your alloy wheels from theft. A standard wheel nut or lug nut can be removed with minimum effort using an ordinary lug wrench which means your wheels could easily be stolen.

Locking wheel nuts originally became popular amongst car enthusiasts who were worried about the theft of their expensive custom alloy wheels.

We use the latest specialised tools to remove your locking wheel nuts and not just a hammer and socket or even chisel like many others; our aim is to assure the job is completed successfully and professionally!

We use 3 different methods:


Where a specialised tool is used to cut into the head of the locking wheel nut and force it off by means of impact/shock!


Where a specialised tool is used to mould to the shape of locking wheel nut and replicate the missing/damaged locking wheel nut key!

Heat Induction

Where a specialised tool is used to penetrate flameless heat to the locking wheel nut, this method is used for example-in cases when someone else has failed the removal or when methods 1 & 2 are not achievable!

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