Brake Repairs & Brake Fluid Replacement

Brake Repairs

The brakes are probably the most important key component of your car. When you press the brake pedal down, brake fluid is forced down to the brake callipers in each wheel, causing the brake pads to “squeeze” against the brake discs that causes friction that ensures that you and your passengers can stop safely in case of an emergency and in everyday driving conditions.

What are the signs I might need to replace my brakes?

  • Unusual scrapping noise
  • Car pulls to one side
  • Brake pedal becomes “spongy”
  • Rear wheel locks and skids
  • Brake pedal is too hard
  • Low brake fluid level
  • Car takes too long to stop
  • Brake warning light illuminating on dashboard
  • Hand brake has reduced effectiveness and becomes difficult to hold on hills.
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Brake Fluid

Keeping your vehicle braking system in optimal condition is essential for your safety and for others. Brake fluid is a vital part of the brake system and ABS units.

Brake fluid is one of the most neglected items in the car, and it can only be under extreme conditions when you need it most that you encounter any problems.

What function does brake fluid have?

  • Transmits the force on the brake pedal into pressure to all parts of the braking system which will apply the brakes.
  • Brake fluid is designed to have a high boiling point to withstand a high temperature generated by the friction of braking.
  • Brake fluid prevents the system from freezing during icy conditions and extreme cold.
  • Brake fluid is hygroscopic, which means it absorbs water. As it absorbs moisture over time, the boiling point gradually lowers –
    this reduces the effectiveness of the brake fluid.
  • Once the water content rises above 3%, the performance of the braking system becomes compromised.
  • Water reduces the boiling point of the fluid, air bubbles are created and braking can become ineffective
  • You will only be aware of the problem after heavy braking sometimes when it is too late!!
  • Brake fluid contamination is now such a major concern that all manufacturers recommend that it is changed at least every two years
    and between 30,000kms intervals.
  • Water in the brake fluid will cause premature wear of the Wheel Cylinders and brake callipers. Failure to change your brake fluid
    regularly can result in costly repairs.
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