Air Conditioning Repairs
And Re-Gas

Air Conditioning Repairs And Re-Gas

At Fegan Tyres & Auto Repairs, we’re perfectly placed to recharge your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Our team of experts are fully equipped with the specialist tools and knowledge to refill this part of your car, ensuring that it is working just as it should be.

Over two thirds of vehicles are fitted with air conditioning and climate control systems as standard, and if your car includes this technology, there is a good chance you use it on a regular basis. An air conditioning system can ensure you remain feeling cool and comfortable in warmer weather, as well as help to demist your windscreen more quickly when the temperatures drop.

However, it’s important to remember that, just like any other component of a vehicle, your air conditioning system requires regular attention to make sure that it is working efficiently. If your air con system is not fully recharged, it will become less effective and need to work harder. In turn, this will put more strain on the engine and use more fuel.

An air con regas is the process of removing old refrigerant gas and oil from your vehicle’s system and then replacing it with new gas and lubricant. During this process, a vacuum test is also carried out to check for any damage within the air con system itself that could be causing the gas to leak out. 


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